SharpReader is an RSS/Atom Aggregator for Windows
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SharpReader is an RSS/Atom Aggregator for Windows, created by Luke Hutteman.
The program allows you to view feeds without subscribing to them first, simply inputting their URL.

You will have the list of subscribed feeds on the left, item-headlines at the top-right, and item-contents at the bottom right.

The subscribed feeds list can be organized in categories. You can always add new categories and move the feeds using drag and drop between them according to your criteria.

You can select a feed to view its headlines, or select a category to get a combined view of the headlines for all feeds in this category, reorder headlines by title, date or subject.

You can also mark items as read or unread, select a refresh period per feed or per category, filter items by text or age and much more.

If you add an RSS feed, you will instantly see how many new feeds are available, and then a pop-up windows will appear in the lower right corner, with direct access to the web pages that contains that news.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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